• Terms and Conditions

      1. Any defect with an item supplied and/or installed or issue with workmanship must be brought to our attention as soon as is reasonably practical from the point of installation/completion of the works with the exception the defect is weather dependant. Any defect brought to our attention within this first three days will be rectified as part of the original works. Thereafter the defect maybe dealt with under the terms of your guarantee.
      2. Payment for all items must be made upon completion unless otherwise stated or agreed in advance. Payment must be made using cash, all debit and credit cards including Amex, same-day bank transfer or using PayPal and all cards via our website. Our vehicles have card readers on-board allowing the customer to make payment in person at the point of completion.
      3. The title of goods does not pass until payment has been received in full. We reserve the right to recover any goods left unpaid and may choose to recover these goods without request for partial or full payment. At least 24 hours’ notice will be given before the goods are recovered to allow time for the customer to make alternative arrangements.
      4. All work can be cancelled at any time without notice or cost to the customer. If the works are a special order and a deposit has been paid this maybe partially or fully lost to cover the cost of items specially manufactured or ordered.
      5. Prior to any work commencing onsite or Empire Glass and Glazing Limited confirming acceptance in writing we reserve the right to decline work, even after issuing a quotation without cause or explanation.
      6. Empire Glass and Glazing Limited will not be held liable by either domestic or commercial customers to third party expenses incurred due to the late arrival of materials ordered by Empire via a third party. Orders placed by Empire and delivery dates issued are always provided in good faith from reliable tried and tested suppliers.
      7. If an off the shelf item was purchased and must be returned due to defect a replacement item will be supplied or a full refund will be offered.
      8. Due to the nature of the product we supply and install we do not offer a refund for this element of our work and ask that you refer to our “Complaints Policy” that can be found in “Customer Care” on the download page of our website with what to do when you feel things have gone wrong.

      Our terms and conditions are brief by design. All sections are clear, straightforward and easy to understand. If you have any questions regarding our terms or conditions or require further guidance please give our office a call or send an email as we will be happy to offer an explanation in writing on the same day.