• Travel Lodge, Woolwich - New Shopfront Glazing

      This project consisted of new work glazing to the main shop fronts, transoms and two hundred mirrors to all guest rooms and communal areas. The main shop fronts consist of 11.5mm clear laminated safety glass with the transom panels being 11.5mm clear laminated safety glass sprayed and baked to RAL.

      The transom panels were also applied with a safety foil backing to protect the sprayed surface and a cosmetic dark oval lead applied in a Georgian configuration to the face. The mirrors were 6mm silver mirror polished all round with a safety foil backing all fixed with either a specialist mirror adhesive or decorative mirror screws. All glass processing was completed in house, including spraying, with all glass being taken from stock.

      The completed project is a Travel Lodge Hotel located in Woolwich High Street, London, SE18. The project had a total order value of £40k completed within three weeks from point of order. These works were completed on behalf of Anglo Holt Construction.