• The Peacock Theatre - Polycarbonate Balustrade

      A central London theatre had a problem with an existing 1950s decorative steel and brass balustrade whereby the gaps between the balusters exceeded the current legal distance. The balustrade is located in The Peacock Theatre, London where a large percentage of its guests are young children.Once the issue had been brought to the theatres attention an urgent cost effective solution was sort.

      We were approached by the theatres general maintenance and a site meeting arranged. We proposed a 9mm clear polycarbonate sheet be installed to the exterior face of the balustrade fixed in position using brass stand-off peg fixings. This method provided a strong visually pleasing solution retaining the beauty of the original balustrade whilst removing the risk of young children falling from a considerable high between the balusters.

      These works consisted of templating, pre-manufacture of the polycarbonate sheet and fixing of the stand-off pegs. These works were completed in two over two night shifts. These works had an order value of £5,500 + VAT and were completed on behalf of The Peacock Theatre.