• St Swithins Lane - Mirrors, Spayed Wall Claddings, Frameless Entrace

      On this project we completed numerous items consisting of mirrors, sprayed glass panels and frameless glass entrance. The mirrors and sprayed glass panels were installed to all WCs on all levels including the entrance lift lobby. All mirrors are 6mm silver with polished edges and safety foil backing all fixed using a specialist mirror adhesive.

      The sprayed glass panels consist of 6mm clear low iron toughened safety glass with polished edges sprayed to a RAL requested by the customer. The frameless glass entrance consists of 12mm clear toughened safety glass.

      All hardware was supplied by Dorma consisting of 100mm floor rails, door rail, ceiling mounted wall connecting profile, floor spring and back to back “D” handle. The mag-lock to the door and custom made polished stainless steel transom box were supplied and installed by Empire. The box allows the cables to pass securely from the mag-lock to the wall mounted access panel.

      This entrance was designed and installed by Empire taking into consideration the customer’s requirements and budget. The total order value of this project was £20k and completed within fourteen days of the order being received. The site is located in St Swithins Lane in the City of London and completed on behalf of MK Contracts Limited.