• Johanna School - Replacement Polycarbonate

      This job entailed the replacement of existing large double glazed units at high level in school class rooms. The building extension was constructed around seven years ago with the double glazed units being broke within a year and remained broke due to the high replacement costs.

      We were approached by Roughton Limited, a company of surveyors, who asked Empire to recommend a non-glass replacement product that would allow maximum light transfer, opaque in finish and unbreakable.

      During our site survey we found the existing framework to be a pressure plate and capping system able to receive units up to 30mm thick. This type of framework allowed us to specify a multi wall polycarbonate product. The product recommended by Empire ticked all the boxes and exceeded the existing glass specification with regards to life expectancy, light transfer, UV stability, thermal performance and impact strength.

      These works had an order value of £9k and were completed on behalf of Johanna School, London via Roughton Limited.